Castrade LTD carries out pre-design researches while invoking other design companies certified in Lithuania also carries out a technical – economic substantiation. The Company also can prepare technical and work projects, to carry out projects,  examination and copyright supervision.

We perform design, installation and service works of boiler-houses.

Considering Your demands we can also assist in choosing the right heating method. We install, renovate and assemble:
  • Solid fuel boiler houses;
  • Gas boiler houses;
  • Granulated fuel boiler houses;
  • Liquid fuel boiler houses;
  • Composite boiler houses;
  • Automate;
  • Prepare working drawings according to the technical project, also carry out modernization projects of currently existing systems;
  • Bio-fuel energetic (we design, construct new and reconstruct already operating steam and water boiler houses using bio-fuel);
  • Industry automation (design and installation of automation systems, automation of technological processes in different fields of industry, design and installation of power distribution panels);
  • Electrical devices (installation works of a remote connection, safety and fire alarms);
  • Service and maintenance (service and maintenance services of energetic objects, service and maintenance services of technological processes of industry objects, service and maintenance services of already installed telemetric systems);
  • Construction management (general construction and management).

All the design works are carried out by qualified specialist and following general designing rules and norms:
  • Our design solutions correspond to the valid requirements for hygiene, fire and other norms;
  • We carry out theoretical calculations;
  • Our design solutions are assessed following optimal quality/price criteria, also equipment exploitation costs are evaluated;
  • We anticipate tools for adjusting and controlling engineering systems.

In order to ensure the highest quality of the supplied services and seeking to achieve less negative affect to the environment, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management systems are installed in the Company.